Q. How do I contact local public transit?

Peterborough Transit
190 Simcoe Street
(Simcoe and George)
GO Transit
190 Simcoe Street
(Simcoe and George)
220 Simcoe Street
(Simcoe and Alymer)

Source: Peterborough Transit

Q. COVID-19 Changes

  • Please keep transit for essential service use.
  • Fares are currently not being accepted.
  • Please board the bus from the rear doors.
  • Please consider wearing a non-medical mask where possible, while on the bus.
  • Keep distance from the person beside you while waiting for or on the bus, unless from the same household.

Source: Peterborough Transit

Q. New route changes

  • These new routes with begin on June 28th, 2020
  • New map with routes and stops can be found by visiting this transit map.
  • Ambassadors will be the downtown terminal to answer questions and hand out maps one June 28th onward.

Source: Peterborough Transit

Q. How do I ride Peterborough Transit?

Video by the Peterborough Youth Council, Peterbrough Youth Commission, Peterborough Transit and Peterborough Accessibility Advisory Committee

Source: Peterborough Transit

Q. Where do I get on the GO bus (Rte 88) downtown?

Tickets/Presto fare can be purchased from the Downtown Transit Terminal.

Source: Peterborough Transit

Q. What is Trans-Cab and how does it work?

Trans-Cab is a system used by Peterborough Transit to service certain areas of the City where the bus does not run. It allows you to use a cab to and from special Trans-Cab stops for a flat fare.

Adapted from the Peterborough Transit Map:

Trans-Cab to the bus:
1. Check the transit map to see if you are in a Trans-Cab zone.
2. Call 705-748-4443 at least an hour before you need to be at the stop.
3. A taxi will come pick you up and drop you to the designated Trans-Cab stop.
4. Trans-Cab fare is $3.00 which includes one way taxi and bus ride. You'll pay the taxi driver.

Trans-Cab from the bus:
1. Board the bus that goes to the Trans-Cab zone you are going to.
2. Inform the driver as you pay your fare that you need a Trans-Cab.
3. The driver will give you a transfer and radio for the taxi.
4. At your designated Trans-Cab stop, the taxi will be waiting for you to drive you to your destination.
5. The fare is the regular fare + 50 cents and you'll pay on the bus.

You can get a Transit Map from the Downtown Transit Terminal at 190 Simcoe Street or from the Transit One office at 270 George Street North.

Source: Peterborough Transit

Q. What is the Handi-Van and how does it work?

The Handi-Van is a service provided by Peterborough Transit for people who cannot take regular buses and require mobility accomodations. The vehicles are fully wheelchair accessible and service is door to door by appointment.
You are required to register before you can start booking the service. Please call 705-745-5801 for more information.

Source: Peterborough Transit

Q. Where's the app?

In an attempt to make it accessible to all with the little resources we have, we decided to start with a web-based app (a website that looks and feels like an app). Here's how easy it is to install it on your mobile device, if your browser supports it.

  • Open the browser menu (usually a box with an arrow on Apple devices or three dots on many other devices.
  • Look for and tap on 'Add to Homescreen'
  • Follow the prompts.
If it's supported, you now have a great black logo with a white bus on your homescreen beside all you other apps. Direct access to the web-app anytime you need it.
We will consider native apps (one's you find on app stores) when resources become available.

Source: THEBUS.ca

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