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GREAT NEWS! Transit is about to get a whole lot easier!

It's a brand new way to check bus times, service alerts and more all in one place. We're so excited! Can you tell? Save or bookmark this site so you can check back for updates quicker!

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Transit here in Peterborough is not easy or convenient to navigate and this leads to difficulty in accessing services and places in the city.

Transit One wants to change this by having transit information you need like bus times, alerts and more all in one place whilst promoting and empowering local business, social services, workplaces, and our gorgeous environment with tools and services.

Why? Because better access to transit results in:
PROMOTES local business and economy
BETTER ACCESS to city services, amenities, care and job opportunities
SAVES MONEY on person transportation costs
REDUCES the carbon footprint
IMPROVES business and personal property values
REDUCES congestion on the roads

These all contribute to improved quality of life overall.


Our awesome advisor: Rose Terry (The Cube)
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Bears Lair Entrepreneurial competition
YOU: Yes, you! You are a big part of why we do this. Thank you!
City of Peterborough for working hard at building public transit.

Husayn, a young professional, eagerly moved to Peterborough in late 2017 for work. Resourceful as he was and full of great ideas, Husayn made a little app for himself to navigate transit since there was none. Sadly, he was forced to forgo that job due to not understanding transit as well as he thought, his app had failed him, his potential employer did not understand either.

In talking with others, Husayn realised that he was not alone. Some avoided accessing services, some were too late to, some didn't get out much, some couldn't get better jobs, some that could got cars, or moved, or walked or biked or just bit the bullet and rode the bus. It was a common problem in other mini cities that are large enough but don't have the budget to implement technological advances. Sure Peterborough has a great transit system and transit information was available but was it understandable and convenient and laid out for people to "want" to access it versus "need" to access it?

This gave him an idea! After all transit is the life of the party for opportunity, economic growth, well-being, quality of life, the environment! What if there was a way to do this? What if there was a way to spend less time figuring it out and more time enjoying and growing life? became a thing and has evolved from just a bits and pieces Husayn-only app to a new resource. From it TRANSIT ONE was born. It's goal is to research, educate, and build a collection of resources, services and information for local citizens, businesses, social services and such in rural and mini transit municipalities. It will serve to help them reap the benefits local public transit has to offer, and Husayn is starting right here in Peterborough.


We love local! We understand that there is a lot of un-tapped potential by businesses. Transit is a big one, and the benefits to businesses and services in the city aren't fully explored. We're building out tools that can help your business or organisation explore this potential. We would love to meet with you to chat about how we help your business or service grow with the help of transit.

We offer information packages and marketing opportunities to give you know-how and visibility. Click the button below to introduce yourself to us. Please tell us the name of your business/organisation, where you are located and how we can contact you (email or phone) to set up a meeting. Remember, great conversation is free!



Installing is easy. Simply add this site to you home screen. When the app launches later this month, you'll already have it!
tap the menu, usually ( ) or ( ) or ( )
Tap add to home screen. It may be called something like 'add page shortcut' or 'bookmark this page'.
If it does work as expected you can alway visit for the latest version.

That's not called installing? Yes it is. We're using the new technology to give you a better experience without the hassle of incompatible devices, having to delete those precious photos to make space. It allows us to add many little surprises to the app so keep an eye out.

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